strobe space.

by happy, happy cake

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in my tent stuck in a strobe.


released December 7, 2014

s/o Old Hibiscus
s/o James Caponera



all rights reserved


All For You Los Angeles, California

all for art

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Track Name: Hey! What are you Doing?
The wind still blows
and so it goes
i'm sitting still as i
listen to people
talking and fighting about what they think is alright
and what's not quite alright
I"m stopped from standing and shouting
Hey! What are you doing?
this time i stop and think. Well,
maybe i should wait
and let all else go about its way
i could be silent for days
and watch the world without anything to say
cause and effect made a maze
i'm lost in choice as everything parades
but I could be the change
and i could be the one to keep things the same
well who am i to say
that things should be either or either way
Track Name: Bade Grace
people still won't let go
Track Name: woopie kush2
we don't wanna wait
we don't wanna miss it
we don't wanna miss this

every day
who knows what to say
its give and give and take
enslave and be a slave

every day
sit and sit and stay
bitch you sit and wait
watch me regulate

every day
we don't wanna wait
we don't wanna miss this
i sit and wait

**george mopes**
Track Name: be kind*
moving through the motions
9 to 5 to 9 how can this be
first put up a sign that speaks of
time, safety and hierarchy
keep this sign aligned with eyes and
impede on their sanity
even the most stubborn too will soon fade in its vanity
then sit back and kick it while
people move in circles circles
round and round again the same
wolves that have been eating them
the signs regulating
the wolves wrote the sign
its a proven way for one to
be the shepherd herd the sheep

how i've been made a commodity
now I'm checked and I'm vexed, as i oughta be
i thought that my life was my life, as it oughta be
now I'm property, taxed and fined to think and breath
when i try breaking free i run into the words on the wall
one slip and i'll spend days behind bars, oh no
where's the ocean
where are the mountains
who rules my being
i know i do not believe in the ("greenback dollar"-Woody Guthrie)
(Greenback Dollar by Woody Guthrie)

i don't know, i know, i know
i know what i see
i don't know, i know

the way it goes
the way it goes
nobody knows
nobody knows
i stay real close
i stay real close
but i don't feel awake
i think my eyes are closed
i can't say, i don't know
i can't say; (cry)
don't know; i know
i know
i know what i see
i know what i feel
i know what i believe
i believe i breath
i can't say i know
i feel rest of it in my moments
and moving
in moments

hey bill
come sit next to me on this
green ass hill
hey bill
see the sky my nigga
see the blue and blue
that dekind my nigga
hey bill
i got the goods nigga
meats and greens man
it's cool my nigga
hey bill
you're free, my man
to be, my man
so be you's, my nigga

who rules my being
i know i do not believe in the law and that's a fact
i ain't fucking with it
you all must be kidding
Track Name: I'm all I can be. (w/ Old Hibiscus)
I'm all i can be
i only know me
i'm the only thing that i can
see with my own eyes
i don't know what i perceive
i'm all that i conceive
i see what i see
until i know the truth
everything's obscene
life is like a dream
cascading being
the air can carry me
the air can carry me
'cause it's like the wind still blows
and i still breath
i breath without a bank
i breath without money
i breath in gas tanks from
sea to shining sea
Track Name: x_connect_x
so from far
i say that
no more war
im how foolish
who knows god
i trust that
we're all wrong
so moving
on and on
is okay
and jaded
alright then
there's need to be a
shaded jaded
okay then
just wipe the wall
and we'll be okay then

well i'm drifting
far away
i'll be missing
just the same
i feel empty
i need something
i'm all i know
in my wanting
i'm lonely
in what i'm looking for
i'm looking for myself
i'll be here
for some days
i won't be anywhere
by someday
so i do
as i say
living my life
any way
i see the trees
they know no laws
unlike me
bound by no cause
what's happening
what's happening
what's happening
what's happening
what's happening
what's happening