oh, me in the world (freestyle)

by happy, happy cake

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made this album 2/3 on my bed, 1/3 on a beach. Every take heard on this album is the first and only take, and all of the lyrics are completely improvised. The album stems from feelings of apprehension and a lack of understanding of my own happiness.


released November 7, 2014



all rights reserved


All For You Los Angeles, California

all for art

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Track Name: Ohio me
oh how i feel so high
spending the night alone in ojai.
oh how it feels so good
to spend the night alone in the woods (cold)
oh high me in the world
oh, me in the world
Track Name: At the Ends
Sitting at the ends
of timber and grain
looking through lens of
modulating light
screening my frames while im
im falling
Track Name: What's Over There
yeah, yeah
Over there
What's over there
I see blue, I see green
I see violet too
Indigo, whoa
pinkish red flowers grow
over there too
black trim white trim
white ladies house
white jet in the sky
i'm sitting in the shade with a cup of tea
and this fly flying around me
sings to me
sits and dream with me
i know, i know
i'm all alone
but all my friends, and everybody is so close.
i, i know.
Track Name: Song of Solitude, surrounded by Friends and Fam
hey cousin
the family, oh
love and disdain
mark the grave
both things will fit you
quite great
head fall, led in the spring
let's break a sea
oh you'll never lead anyone again
not quite there yet
not quite done yet
not quite ready
not quite there yet
not quite done yet
ready yet
oh, oh, oh, oh
oh i peel water
more for your remedy tear
more for me and the runts that I fear
I can see your power; callous and fear
oh yeah, give me the remedy and I'll
figure it out
figure it out
i figured it out
it's dark out
and i see white out
fountains in the high sky
kick back and hid in time
i think i see how it's configured
Aye, the eyes lead you all together, the face
the face, the face of the whole human race
the face of the whole human race is scared of the dark
the darkness is scared of the light
oh the lights out of heart
the heart, the heart, the cold beating heart
your cold beating heart gives you life;
keep it in sight.
The red, the red, the red in my blood
I pray for the red in blood to never run out, oh no.
never let me go
the dead, the dead, the ol' quiet dead.
the ol' quiet dead let their brain rot in their head.
the head, the head of the ol' quiet dead man.
The dead, the dead! The ol' quiet dead.
The ol' quite dead let them to their rights
yeah! right, oh yeah.
My head, my head! Oh, my head.
My brother my bad, I know
Oh, my head I stumble.
Hell yeah, girl give me head
yeah some more some more!
More for me
and the family
tree grows.
Track Name: falling through light
Track Name: Done Stressing Out
Thank you for the time
I think I'll be fine
I'll be okay
I'll be alright
looks like i'll be okay
looking to be okayay
(moans forever)